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reuseable concrete forms

reuseable concrete forms

reuseable concrete forms reuseable concrete forms


 How do I purchase my own KetterForm?

Simple! Call us with your credit card information.

How far apart should the stakes be when framing with the KetterForm?

Stake the KetterForm every two feet.  You can get away with less staking when your pour has an outside push.

Do I need special stakes to set up the KetterForm?

No!  Use the same wood or metal stakes you are currently using.

Do I screw or nail the KetterForm to my stakes?

You can screw or nail through the KetterForm over and over.

How tight of a radius can the KetterForm make?

The KetterForm comes shipped to you in a  roll that resembles a spare tire.  The outside dimension is 30 inches  around.  We offer other product lines for different applications!

What other sizes do the KetterForms come it?

We have a 1/4 in. X 10 in. X 50 ft. long roll  that is very popular.  This reusable waterproof piece replaces the  Masonite board you use once or twice and then throw away.
This roll is usually cut into six or eight foot  pieces and used for a very tight radius around a tree, flagpole, shrub  etc.  This form can be easily cut for your customized needs.  This roll  is sent to you with an inside dimension of 15 inches.  You would stake  this product every foot.
We also sell a 12 in. X 5/8 in. X 50 ft. long KetterForm.   This product is popular for contractors that need specialty cut curved  steps.  Contractors who pour curbs frequently use this for end caps.
For contractors who pour swimming pools, a curved set on one end thicker that four inches is popular.  This 12 inch KetterForm can be easily cut with a skill saw to its desired size.  Store the rest in its roll until needed again.
The 12 inch roll has an outside dimension of 40 inches when shipped to you.

6 in. X 5/8 in. X 50 Ft. long    $275.00 per roll

18 in. X 5/8 in. X 50 Ft. long  $660.00 per roll

24 in X 5/8 in. X 50  Ft. long  $880.00 per roll

Please call (262)843-2971 for more information.

How many times can the KetterForm be reused?
The KetterForm can be used over and over and over again.  We have forms still being used after their 10th season.